Lightning & Heat

Bearded Dragons are a desert species which means they need lots of warmth, UVB and UVA light, and lower humidity.

My setup may change over time as I monitor the environment and adjust accordingly. So far, this is working well for my circumstances. I have a 75g tank set up in a room that is usually very warm, even in winter which gets very cold here in Massachusetts.

Here’s what I’m currently using for light and heat.


  • 2 100w Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamps in a Mini Combo Deep Dome
  • 36in Reptisun T5HO w/10.0 UVB 

Zoo Med Mini Combo Deep Dome
Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp
Reptisun T5 HO 10.0 UVB


  • 100w Zoo Med Ceramic Heat Emitter in a 10in dome
  • Repurposed the aquarium light as a night light by leaning it against a nearby wall (lights pointed toward the wall). This helped reduce stress caused by “lights out” while keeping light to a minimum so Ash and my fish, who share the room, can all sleep. 

Zoo Med Repticare Ceramic Heat Emitter
Aquarium lights that came with the tank.