First Outing of the Season

Ash, sitting in my hand, looking at terrarium building supplies at Bemis FarmsYesterday was the first day we’ve had weather nice enough for Ash to go out with us. We went to a yard sale and then to Bemis Farm Nursery.  Ash loved all the sunshine she was able to soak up. She also seems to really enjoy seeing new things (from the safety of my arm). Bearded Dragons are curious by nature and they seem to enjoy interaction with humans. It’s something to consider when thinking about adding a bearded dragon to your family.

Ash will often climb into my hand and up my arm which seems to indicate that she wants to be on my shoulder. When I take her hint and put her on my shoulder, she will sit there contentedly for hours. Sometimes, she clings tight to my hand when I’m putting her back in her house. Other times she readily climbs onto one of her basking spots. The clinging appears to be her way of telling me she wants to stay with me instead of going back in her house.

I know that her behavior is not about me being warm. Her house is between 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m not even close to that warm. Clearly, she’s enjoying something about the  interaction.

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