First visit to the vet

Ash had her first visit with the veterinarian yesterday. Everything is looking good. Ash is healthy and has a great personality. 

The dragon house I built is just right with one  adjustment recommended. I need to warm up the cooler end of the tank a little. Ash’s diet is correct and I got advice on some things to add/try as Ash gets older. Ash’s socialization is going well, she was fine with being handled and examined by the doctors (except when they looked in her mouth. That was met with some objections). 
We also found out Ash appears to be female. I had guessed this but am not an expert so I wasn’t sure. 

The small animal crate I got worked well although Ash’s review of the crate is somewhat different. She was not a fan. 

Ash, clinging to the inside of the crate, looking out, periodically head butting the bars in an attempt to get out.

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