Dragon food supplier

Now that I’ve tried a few feeder insect suppliers, I can say the two I like best are Josh’s Frogs and  Mulberry Farms.

The feeders from both arrive very nicely packaged.

Sealed cup of dubia showing the good ventilation and lots of packing material in the shipping box.
From Mulberry Farms

The insects arrive in a sealed well- ventilated cup, surrounded by a good amount of packaging material. Almost 100% of the feeders are alive when delivered. 

 Cup of roaches showing the egg cartons and carrot they ship with.
From Mulberry Farms

They come with a food source and some egg crates for hiding spots. 

The feeders from both shipped quickly and were here within a few days, right on schedule. 

One of the other places I tried sent me just a box of roaches inside a box. It was an unwelcome surprise when I opened a box of loose roaches. 

Another didn’t communicate shipping information very well and the feeders took several days to arrive after they finally did ship (I was notified of shipping by PayPal, not the vendor. Not good.). I was concerned that I’d be stuck with no food and a baby dragon with a voracious appetite. 
In the month that I’ve had Ash, there’s already been one incident of all the local stores being out if feeders so an online supplier is important to me. 

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