Problem solving. 

My habitat is a little deeper than most would have for a bearded dragon so I’ve had some issues with UVB lighting. In order for Ash to get enough UVB I had to get T5HO 10.0 bulbs and a good reflective hood. Even with that, the intensity of the light wasn’t quite enough on Ash’s favorite basking spots.

My second problem is that mesh screens can diminish the amount of UVB if you put the light on top of them. I didn’t want to cut any of the UVB due to the depth of the habitat so I haven’t been using the top on the enclosure. I’d rather have that cover on though so that nothing gets in there (or out when Ash gets bigger).

I needed to mount the UVB light inside the habitat but there didn’t seem to be a way of doing that. The hood itself has no way of mounting it to anything. The habitat is glass so I can’t easily attach anything to it that would be sturdy enough to hold the light fixture.

Then I thought of using hooks. I went to Home Depot and got 2 heavy-duty hooks that are meant to hang over rafters in a garage and support things like ladders and bicycles. I hung the hooks over the side of the habitat, placed the terrarium hood in the hooks and it works beautifully. The light is now the proper distance from Ash, wont’ be reduced by mesh, is out of the way of the hanging heat lights.

Large rafter hooks from Home Depot hold the light nicely.
Heat and UVA lighting hangs above the tank while UVB is mounted inside the tank.

For information about UVB and metering:

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