Consistency is helpful

The first few weeks in a new home requires a lot of learning and adjustment for a baby dragon. They’re easily overwhelmed.

Ash seems to be a very outgoing beardie and has, for the most part, been calm about all the changes. Still, I’ve been making sure I create regular schedules and patterns so Ash’s new world is as predictable and dependable as possible. As with other animals, the consistency  helps them understand what’s going on so they can feel safer. 

Ash, basking in a favorite spot.

I’ve been eatablishing schedules for feeding and lights-out. A routine for lights out which seems to be a particularly stressful time for Ash. I also trying not to make too many big changes to the arrangement of the habitat. 

The consistent routine at lights out seems to be helping a lot. The incidents of panicked glass dancing are becoming less frequent and much shorter in duration as Ash begins to understand the routine. There have been a few nights when Ash just calmly went to the favorite basking spot and straight to sleep. 

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