Custom light stands

When I started looking for ways to manage the heating equipment (lights and a ceramic heater), I quickly found that nothing quite worked for me. This post is about how I set up my equipment. If you are curious about what I’m using for Ash, I posted that on a Lighting and Heat page.

Ash’s house is large which presented some issues. We have a cat and will always have cats which are curious and like to knock things over. Special “reptile light stands” seemed a bit pricey and I saw some reviews that mentioned cats knocking them over and causing issues. 

I decided to build my own solution.

I got some 1/2″ pipe and connectors from Home Depot along with some chain and quick link fasteners.

We attached the pipe to the back of the cabinet at top and bottom. No one is going to accidentally knock these over.

The chains and fasters make adjusting the heights easy. The poles swivel which allows me to swing the lights and heaters out of the way when I need to. We’ve got protective covers on the bottoms of the poles which sit directly on our floor (hardwood – we don’t want to wreck it).

The UVB light sits directly on the tank. 

The setup works well, makes it easy for me to access the dragon house. Entire setup was just under $100 (not including lights). 

I did overbuild by using the heavier duty pipe but knowing everything is well-built gives me peace of mind. 

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