Day One

This morning I found that Ash was shedding and seemed very itchy and agitated.

Ash with large area of shedding skin on it's back.

I read that a warm bath can help soothe the discomfort so we gave it a try. It worked really well. Ash had a little breakfast and then settled in for some napping and basking.

Sleepy post-bath Ash, basking in the heat lamp.

The thing that attracted me to Ash over the other babies that were available was that Ash seemed very interested in people. The others were somewhat indifferent. I have discovered that Ash really likes being held and will climb on my hand at almost every opportunity and then wants to stay there. 

Ash resting calmly in my hand.

We tried some beardie salad for dinner – butternut squash and collard greens. Ash ate some but liked the crickets much better. Ash standing in a bowl of squash and greens.

After a first night in the smaller terrarium I set up for feeding and bathing, Ash moved into the big tank. It looks like Ash approves of the furniture. Ash basking on a perch

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