Meet Ash

Baby Bearded Dragon from the front.

This is Ash. My new baby Bearded Dragon. Ash is about 8 inches long including the tail. We expect Ash to get between 18 and 24 inches long when fully grown. Ash is too young to definitively determine gender. It appears Ash may be a girl but we won’t know for sure for a few months at least.

I wasn’t planning on picking out a dragon until after everything was completely set up but when I saw Ash, plans changed. 

I had planned to get a smaller tank at some point for temporary holding and bathing so we picked that up sooner instead of later and made a temporary home for Ash. It’s not ideal to get things set up this way but it worked out really well and I’m glad I was able to bring this Dragon home. 

Baby Bearded Dragon from the back

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